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For 2014 I will be creating a little something every day and posting it up on @sewingdaisies on Instagram. Please join my on Instagram or check in here to see my progress...with any luck I will make it to the end AND learn some new tricks. Xh

Oh, there may also be the odd photo of my husband and I exploring our new home... Jindabyne.

Draw.Stamp.Print - Bees' Ruby

 Draw.Stamp.Print  - Bees' Ruby




This has got to have been the longest blog hiatus I have ever taken (two months), but I haven't been idle, or skiing all the time. In fact, I have been very busy with my #365CREATE project.


Today is Day: 237  That's right, I have made 236 daily projects!


What started out as an attempt to make quick little daily projects to help spark creativity has now blossomed into (on some days) full day Draw.Stamp.Print adventures.

Take yesterday's #365CREATE  Armeria Bees' Ruby project. That one took all day because I wanted to create a 2 colour block print (I had to carve two separate blocks), and I had to draw my design in the morning because...well, I decided to wing it.

It actually turned out okay.

This daily pressure is surprisingly good for the soul, and your creativity.


Since starting #365CREATE...

1. I have discovered that I can draw (kind of)

2. I can carve rubber stamps

3. Printing is versatile

4. I am creative (after all)

5. It's great for boosting your confidence (I may finally be confident enough to sell some of my work - next year).


If you are lacking confidence, feeling blocked or bored - give 365 daily projects a go.  Its' worth it.

To keep up with my progress, you can check in here or follow me on Instagram @sewingdaisies

Postcard from Jindabyne - Perisher Resort


Postcard from Jindabyne - Perisher Resort

Knitting: Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf

  Knitting: Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf





 The other month (end of May I think),

I decided to knit the Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf.

I thought it would be a good challenge with those

massive 15 mm needles.


It was.


It also proved to be a big pain to photograph.


My photos really don't do it justice.

The colours of the Aurora Tempel col 858/lot 7839

(wool & acrylic) are truly amazing.


But, for some reason I can't quite capture on film, so to speak.

Talk about frustrating, I spent two days trying to capture it's splendour! 


Never mind, it seemed to part of the Aurora process.




 Knitting: Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf




15mm needles..honestly!


I have never felt more awkward knitting.

I knew I would suffer a little, but nothing prepared me for

knitting up to 83 stitches on these bad boys.


Awkward, awkward, akward.


My tension was so tight I couldn't finish using the suggested

 6x balls of Aurora Tempel. 


There simply wasn't enough room on my needles!




Knitting: Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf





No matter though,

my scarf is still sizable AND thick,

perfect for all of the snow we have just had.


Again, my photos (sigh) really don't do this scarf justice.


It is beautiful.



 Now I have to deal with

the 20mm needles & pattern I bought

at the same time as the Aurora.





Postcard from Jindabyne - Avoiding the Crowds

Postcard from Jindabyne - Avoiding the Crowds

Winter Solstice Cheer

   Winter Solstice Cheer
Winter Solstice Cheer

Winter Solstice Cheer



It's Winter Solstice (June 21st) - Huzzah!

To celebrate I have made my version of gløgg  - a cosy, warm your cockles concoction of apple juice, ginger, vodka and spices.



  • 2 litres Cawstons Apple & Ginger Juice (or use plain apple juice and fresh ginger)
  • 1 x lemon (juice and peel)
  • 300 ml Vodka
  • 3x cinnmon sticks
  • 6x cardamon pods (light crushed)
  • 6x cloves
  • A small handful of almonds & raisons.


Bung it all in a big pan, bring to boil, then simmer until your house smell delicious.


Where's the wine?!


Okay this isn't really a gløgg,  but I refuse to call it a 'Hot Toddy' because

a)  I can't say it without  doing a  Sean Connery impression, and

b) it's sounds too much like 'Hot Tottie' which in the UK is slang for an attractive girl.


Me: "Come round for some Hot Totty"

Village men: "Don't mind if I do!"



Winter Solstice Cheer