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i love crochet........

I love crochet by Rachel Henderson & Sarah Hazell

I bought I Love Crochet by Rachel Henderson & Sarah Hazell last year when I first decided to to learn to crochet.

I got it because unlike the other crochet books I had seen this one was brightly coloured, the patterns were modern and more importantly they looked easy.

I dug this book out again a few weeks ago to see if I could remember anything from my brief dalliance with crochet last year and amazingly I did. In fact I am actually better at it than I was last year.

Not sure why but that's how it is.

I Love Crochet is still brightly colored, still has great photos and modern patterns (with Hook-Ability ratings) and the front section which covers the How To and different crochet stiches is still easy to read and follow.

Japanese Fabric and pink crochet

So I decided to make something.

As I have already made a few scarves this year on my Ashford Knitter's loom I thought I would give the cushion cover a whirl (page 92), it only has a Hook-Ability Rating of 1.

Perfect for novices.

As you can see, in no time I made a nice little cushion (I used a beautiful Japanese fabric for the strips).

I love crochet cushion cover project

I only have two complaints about the book;

The first is that project instructions are little too simple. I had to make a few things up along the way because there wasn't sufficient information which was a bit frustrating.

My second complaint with I love Crochet is with the fact that every project mentions the Rowan yarn product name and not the yarn weight.

Which is great if you don't mind using Rowan products all the time but a pain if you want to try locally produced yarns.


Rowan yarns

Overall I think I Love Crochet is great for beginners. It's easy to read, has a modern feel and looks great on the coffee table.

I can't believe I'm CROCHETING! Crochet like a pro in no time! Lefties Too! is a different cup of coffee. it doesn't matter how you position it, it never looks good on your coffee table.

Crochet like a pro book



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