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Posts in March 2010

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall...Completed!

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall
(issue 3) was originally scheduled to be done in February but due to a lack of fabulous retro second hand curtains in my area I postponed this bag to a later date.

That 'later date' came and went as did numerous visits to charity shops. There simply isn't any fabulous cheap second hand curtains left in NSW. So to get this 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge done I opted to buy some fabric instead.

Annoyed?...a little bit.

Cheap second hand curtain

The SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall luckily turned out to be easier to make than it was to source despite it's difficulty rating of intermediate. I know, how can such a simple looking bag have an intermediate difficulty rating?

I have a theory on this...The SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall is ranked intermdiate because......this lovely simple bag has some equally simple instructions and illustrations.

Sewing 101 - to be successful with simple instructions you need to have prior sewing or bag-making experience or your bag lining will end up on the outside of the bag.

Bag making

I have both prior sewing and bag making experience but I still managed to mess up the lining!

Despite following the SEW Hip! instructions to the letter I now have an outside pocket on the inside of my Vintage Cloth Holdall...

To add injury to insult I also struggled to work out how I was meant to stitch the straps together, so I made it up.


Bag Lining


To avoid having your lining on the outside of your bag, I recommend using safety pins to temporarily fasten the two shells together. That way you will be able to turn it right side out and check that everything is where it should be before sewing it together (something I should have done).


If you can't stitch the straps together "from inside out through the opening on the inside" sew them the easiest way you can think and live with it.

Cutting List

The cutting list instructs you to cut 2 pieces of pattern no. 1 (side & bottom panel) that's is incorrect you need to cut 4.

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall - stitching

Aside from the little mishap with the lining and the decision to go it my way on the straps, I don't really have much more to say about the SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall so..

here it is... my SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall.

Click SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall for fabric info

SEW Hip! Vintage Cloth Holdall

SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt....Completed!

SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt

My SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt (issue 10) is done, and I am loving it!

I was initially a little worried about this SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge because it looks so complicated but it proved to be really simple and the end result is stunning!

SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt instructions

SEW Hip! have given the Patience Corner Quilt a difficulty rating of intermediate but they mention that this quilt is ideal for first-timers and I couldn't agree more.

All of the SEW Hip! instructions are really clear in this pattern and to help things along they added photos for the cutting procress. I am a visual person and prefer to work from photos so this was a great help.

Mooda Verna fabric Moda Verna fabric

In keeping with my budget constraints I made my blocks using the leftover fabrics I had from the Moda Verna layer cake I used in my SEW Hip! Hexagonal table runner.

I really recommend using a precut layer cake - it makes life much simpler especially if you are rubbish at cutting fabric like I am.

I think it only took me a day to assemble, cut and reassemble all the blocks ready for sewing. As I have already said - this quilt is REALLY easy to make.


fabric border fabric border

The only real issue I had in making the SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt was in finding material for the border of the quilt. I made my blocks out of a layer cake so I didn't have the required 1.6m of fabric.

I went online to see if I could get hold of one of the Moda fabrics I had used in the blocks only to discover that I could only get the fabric in the USA.

As I tend to get the wind in my sails when I start a project I didn't want to wait a week for my fabric to arrive so I improvised.

I decided to create an extra smaller border around the central block work and then use white fabric for rest of the border. I made the smaller border using a lovely brown & white flower print 1.5'' wide.

As I was already altering the pattern to suit my needs I decided to change the white border from 8.5" to 9' wide. It was easier to cut (I am really bad at cutting fabric).

Ditch Stitching batting & fabric

Once the borders were added it was simply a matter of layering the base fabric, batting and top layer and sew it all together.

I thought I might try my hand at the fancy quilting stuff using my machine so I went and did some research.

Fancy quilting stuff is only possible if you have the right 'feet' it seems. I checked through my small selection of feet and my Dutch manual and I definately do not have the necessary tools. I have now added an even-feed foot and a free-motion foot to my ever growing sewing shopping list.

As there was no hope of doing any fancy quilting work I opted for ditch stitching.

Ditch stitching is easy - simply sew in the already existing lines of stitches.


Bullclips for binding

Quilting thimble

Over the past few SEW Hip! 2010 Challenges I have discovered and devised a few tricks to make life easier.

  • use bicycle clips to hold your quilt from unravelling when you are quilting/sewing by machine.
  • use bull clips to hold your binding in place while you hand sew - it stops you from having to constantly readjust your work.
  • use a quilting thimble to help with hand sewing. Trust me after a few quilts your fingers will thank you for it.

fabric binding

After my stint with ditch stitching all I had left to do was the binding.

In keeping with my general habit of not following instructions to the letter I made my binding exactly how I always make my binding 2" wide.

Why 2"? - because that is the width of my ruler!

If I had a 2.5" ruler my binding would be 2.5" wide. My binding looks nice so I don't see any point in causing unnecessary 'cutting incidents'.

Hand stitching binding

Hand stitching binding

I have had the pleasure of hand stitching binding for a while now and I have to admit that as pretty as the finish is I think it might be time to learn how to blind hem on my machine.

I have been a little reluctant to do the research until now because I liked the idea of having a little part of my quilt hand sewn as quilters of a bygone era would have done but after reading the March Issue of BBC Home & Antiques I have changed my mind.

According to Serena Fokschaner in her article "Snuggle Up" women have been using their sewing machines to quilt since the late 1840's!!!

Singer sewing machine

Food for thought...but here is my version of
SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt.

Click SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt for fabric info.


SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt


SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt

SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt...the prequel

SEW Hip! Patience Corner - magazine

The SEW Hip! Patience Quilt is my next SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge.

I chose this quilt because up until now I have made VERY basic quilts. The Patience Quilt will (hopefully) take me closer to that traditional quilt look so often seen in Country Living magazine.

I also picked this quilt pattern because it has been touted as "ideal for FIRST-TIMERS"....I have all my fingers & toes crossed that this is true.

I think this will be a great SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge..quilt me up!

SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge

SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon....completed!

SEw Hip! 2010 Challange


SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon (issue 5) has been completed and I only have 18 SEW Hip! 2010 Challenges left to do!!

I think I might treat myself to some new fabric.

I know I have said on a number of occasions that I have a limited budget for each of my SEW Hip! 2010 Challenges and that I am not going to buy new fabrics every fortnight, but I really need some more fabrics.

According to Sew Hip! Rudi the Raccoon I have a very small collection of fabrics and an even smalller selection of colours. He is right.


colour wheel - fabrics

You might be wondering how Rudi the Raccoon brought this fabric constraint to my attention. Well.. this SEW Hip! soft toy needs atleast 9 different fabrics to look awesome.

Awesomeness is really hard to achieve without a full spectrum of colours to play with. I spent a whole day just trying to find suitable fabrics for my SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon;

I am not saying I gave up but I did settled in the end for 5 fabrics only. I decided that as I wouldn't be able to achieve awesome that I would go with the next best thing 'first timer fantastic'.

My online dictionary defines 'fantastic' as strange, different; imaginary.

For a first timer - that will do nicely.


first timer fantastic SEW Hip! Rudi

Choosing fabrics for my Sew Hip! Rudi Raccoon was a disheartening experience but luckily the rest of the project went well (thanks to well written instructions).

I did however waste an hour trying to work out how to set my Husky Star E10 to the required stitch (I have a Dutch manual) and I still can't work out how to make the stitch thinner but in the grand scheme of things that is a minor blip especially as I can now do a satin stitch on my sewing machine!!


Huskystar E10Satin stitch - Huskystar E10

I can't claim that my satin stitch is great but I think for a first attempt it's pretty good. I think I can add another fat quarter to my shopping list just for that alone.

Perhaps SEW Hip! will publish another project that will help refine my satin stitch skills.


Satin Stitch Skills

In the meantime as Rudi & Henrietta the Hippo have served their purpose I will prepare myself for my next SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge

Here is my 'First Timer Fantastic' SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon..

First Timer Fantastic Rudi the Raccoon

SEw Hip! Rudi the Raccoon

Click SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon for more fabric info.

SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon....the prequel

SEw Hip! Rudi the Raccoon - SEw Hip! 2010 Challenge

SEW Hip! Rudi the Raccoon is my sixth SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge and it's another soft toy.

I am not sure how I feel about making another soft toy after the debacle with Henrietta the Hippo.

Am I really ready to go seven rounds with a Raccoon?!  I am not so sure I am, but I will give it a go....give me your best shot Rudi!

 Rudi Raccoon - soft toy