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Posts in June 2010

SEW Hip! Summer Blocks Quilt....the prequel

SEw Hip! Summer Blocks Quilt

SEW Hip! Summer Blocks Quilt (issue 17) is my next 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge.

I was going to mention why I chose this particular project but honestly, I haven't got a clue why;

a) I don't the like the colours of the featured quilt.

b) I really don't like the idea of trying to sew 2" wide straight lines across this quilt.


c) I really really don't like the idea of all the cutting that seems to be involved in making this little quilt.




I am.... but I am thinking red, white and blue might work really well on this quilt.

Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket Part 2...

Vivid Dreams Blanket
The Vivid Dreams Blanket is my first proper crochet project; I started it a few weeks back and I am still at it but...

I thought I would show off the new colour schemes I have been experimenting with.

Vivid Dreams Blanket 
Vivid Dreams Blanket

The Vivid Dreams Blanket is broken down into granny squares as follows;

Square A: (make 4, 30cm wide)

Square B: (make 14, 20cm wide)

Sqaure C: (make 24, 15cm wide)

Square D: (make 53, 10cm wide)

Square E: (104, 5 cm wide)

Quite a sizable project you'll agree?


Vivid Dreams Blanket

Well, I am pleased to say I only have 92 granny squares left to do (the smaller ones)...






Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket


Flickr Fest...Best

Flickr-fest-best 1

It's Party Time!

At the beginning of the week (during one of my Flickr Fests) I discovered that Yarny Inspirations & Meet Me At Mikes had both included one of my crochet photos on their blogs - this made me very excited.

In fact it made me so excited that I decided to take a leaf out of their books and spread some love myself...

My 'Love' is going to be called Flickr Fest Best.

Flickr Fest Best will go out weekly and showcase some of the wonderful things I come across during my daily Flickr Fests.

This is what I loved this week...



4707007773_1389a7b276 (Medium)

Flickr Fest Best: Ziripiti

I think sew 1 no 125 shoes
Flicker Fest Best: I think sew 1

Michele made me foot stool

Flickr Fest Best: Michele Made Me


Stitchin sista bag
Flickr Fest Best: Stitchin Sista

4727139071_78098a8815 (Medium)


Flickr Fest Best: virginia-blue




Yarny Inspirations & Meet me At Mikes

My Flickr Galleries & more

Yarny Inspirations

Meet Me At Mikes



Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 32

Crochet, Beyond the square motif 32, Edie Eckman


Crochet motif of the day -  Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 32


Crochet, Beyond the square motif 32, Edie Eckman


Beyond the Square - Edie Eckman

Yarny Inspiration & Meet Me At Mike's....

heart (Medium)
Flickr Fest!!!


Is what I call my daily ritual of immersing myself in my favourite Flickr groups;

Everyday I loose myself in other people's glorious works of art; home made bags, quilts, food, and knitting.

Flickr is a voyeurs dream come true...the real foodies amongst you should check out Food Porn..yum!


crochet hooks

Why Flickr Fest everyday?

Well, because I always end up somewhere amazing. Today has been no different.

In fact, today I happened upon;

Yarny Inspirations & Meet Me At Mikes who both to my surprise have added one of my Flickr photos to recent blog posts!!

Am I chuffed? You bet I am, I feel very honoured to have my little crochet photo sandwiched between some truly sublime photos...

There are some serioulsy talented people out there.


Yarny Inspiration

Yarny Inspirations

is a fantastic site, it has been created to provide yarn fans access to inspirational photos. You can browse by pattern, colour, designer & yarn make..you name it and Yarny Inspirations has it categorised...

It really is worth taking a look.

I am setting aside an afternoon to take a real proper look, I know I am going to find so many cool things on there.

Meet me at mikes

Meet Me At Mike's

is a wonderful blog about all things ...cool!

I love this blog, everytime I visit it feels like I have stumbled across it for the first time. Pip is constantly updating her site so there is always something new to check out.

Meet Me At Mike's also hosts the Flickr group 'A Granny Along' which is worth the trip if you love your granny squares (which I am).


So there you go...that was my Tuesday's Flickr Fest!

heart (Medium)


...I think I might start a new weekly post on Sewing Daisies called 'Flickr Fest Best'



Yarny Inspiration

Meet Me At Mike's