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Crowing: Café Brun Coasters...

  Cafe Brun Coasters by Sewing Daisies



  Café Brun Coasters are my latest attempt at 'crowing'...

(crochet & sewing)









I am suffering from OCD ...(Ongoing Crowing Delight).



  Cafe Brun Coasters by Sewing Daisies






A condition not helped by the fact that I am





 Cafe Brun Coasters by Sewing Daisies






 I don't get it,

I have cocktail umbrellas, a bean slicer thingie

 and a fondue set,

but no coasters.





 Cafe Brun Coasters by Sewing Daisies






To remedy the situation,

I copied

the basic workings of the

Kaffe Fusion Blanket.





 Cafe Brun Coasters by Sewing Daisies






 2x 5'"charm squares sewn together...

(wrong sides together & turned out)

with a line of 

blanket stitch

around the edge for the crochet.





 Cafe Brun Coasters by Sewing Daisies






I had every intention

of sewing the crochet motif to the fabric square

but I forgot.

(a common symptom of OCD).




Picture 5182 (Medium)



So to attach the crochet motifs, I used


'Wash'n Wear'





How practical that is I don't know, I guess I just have to wait and see.


 Cafe Brun Coasters by Sewing Daisies




If you were wondering about the crochet motif...

You are right,

you have seen it before.



It's from Edie Eckman's

lovely book

'Beyond the Square'

(motif 93).


  Picture 5186 (Medium)

So there you have it...my easy peasy

Café Brun Coasters.

 Cake anyone?



Bird (Small)

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