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Posts in March 2011

Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 52


Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 52

Crochet of the Day: Beyond the Square Motif 52

 Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 52


SEW Hip! Baby Booties - French General...completed

Sew Hip! Baby Booties


SEW Hip! Baby Booties (French General - issue 27) ready to go...



These Baby Booties are the second lot I have tried from

SEW Hip! Magazine



now that it's all over, I can quite happily say

I am pleased

with the end result.




  Dress Pins



It was of course,

a completely different ball game when I was making them.


 Having an 'off' day


would be an understatement. It was a catalogue of disasters.




  Sewing Machine Presser Foot





What should have been a quick job turned into an afternoon of


sewing, unpicking,

more sewing,

and the unpicking of even more stitches,

all served with a huge sideorder of discontent.



Honestly, it was that painful.

Check it out.



  Sew Hip! baby Booties - template





Step 1: Prepare Fabric


Easy?...yes if you follow the instructions.


Time wasted: 30mins.




   SEW Hip! Baby Booties Template





Step 2: Prepare Outers

Easy?...as long as you know how to sew 0.5cm from the template line.

I apparently don't.


Time wasted: 20mins




  French General Fabric





Step 3: Sew Back Seam

Easy?...if you have common sense.


Time wasted: 20 secs sewing seams.

5 mins trying to work out how to turn the fabric right sides out.

10 mins spent laughing at myself.






  SEW Hip! baby Booties - Upper part





Step 4: Turn & Embellish

Easy?...it actually was.


Time wasted: 5 mins to baste the raw edges

Zero time on embellishment.


Surely that kind of thing gets done at the end?




  SEW Hip! Baby Booties - Soles pinned





Step 5: Attach Lining Sole

Easy?..kind of.


Time wasted: 7 mins pinning soles onto upper booties.

1 min stabbing myself with pins

3 mins playing with pinned booties (they looked so funny).

30 secs on sewing.





Dress Pins




Step 6: Attach Main Sole

Easy?...not in the slightest.


Time wasted: 12 mins trying to work out what it was I was supposed to do.

2 mins spent finding the other SEW Hip! Booties pattern.

7 mins pinning soles to upper booties.

30 secs on sewing.






SEW Hip! Baby Booties - French General  Fabric





Step 7: Embellishment (this my addition)


Easy?...surprisingly so.


Time wasted: 1 min finding my embroidery book.

1 min reviewing my daisy chain skills.

17 mins peacefully daisy chaining.




  Red Daisy Chain Stitch




There you have it.

One painful afternoon, and

one pair of super cute SEW Hip! Baby Booties.



(well I think they are cute given all the drama).


  SEW Hip! Baby Booties
SEW Hip! Baby Booties




What do you think?



Bird (Small) (WinCE)


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Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 70


Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 70


Crochet of the Day: Beyond the Square Motif 70



Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 70

Crowing: Eva's Tulips...

Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Egg


Crowing - Eva's Tulips are this Monday's offering...





& more Tulips


 I love tulips...


  Eva's Tulips - crochet border




A few years back I bought a few 

Eva Rosenstands

tulip kits.


At the time I had grand plans of knocking out some little placemats for Easter...



 I didn't.




Eva's Tulips - Clover Tailors Awl





 Thanks to our recent house move, I  


my little kits.


It turns out I had sewn one of the kits, but done nothing with the other three.





Eva's Tulips - crochet border



Well, I have 


 sewn another one.





Eva's Tulips (Clover tailor's awl)




...AND not only that,


I have actually made two placemats.




(Thanks to my recent purchase of a Tailor's Awl).



Eva's Tulips



 No need for

blanket stitch

when you have a Tailor's Awl.







 Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Eggs





'Awl' you have to do is

poke holes in your fabric

as you crochet.






 Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Eggs



So there you have it,

Eva's Tulips

all ready for Easter.


(well two of them at least)


Eva's Tulips & Chocolate Eggs


So what do you think?




Bird (Small) (WinCE)

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Flickr Fest Best...Teapots

Flickr-fest-best 1 (Medium)

Flickr Fest Best has been admiring teapots (again)...



I know I shouldn't

I will only want to get some.




These three are so tempting!



Flickr Fest Best: Aya Rosen




teapot - oriental
Flickr Fest Best: Wanda's Design




Teapot Set
Flickr Fest Best: happylake