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Posts in April 2011

Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 96/97

  Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 96/97

Crochet of the Day: Beyond the Square Motif 96/97

Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 96/97

Flickr Fest Best...Autumn

Flickr-fest-best 1 (Medium)



Flickr Fest Best is loving Autumn...in between the downpours that is.




Nothing beats the 'stillness' that Autumn brings,

or the crunchy leaves!



  Autumn Road 2007 

Flickr Fest Best: n8an



Autumn Squash

Flickr Fest Best: Attic 24




acorn cookies
Flickr Fest Best: nikkicookiebaker




Pumpkin Macaroons
Flickr Fest Best: lismi171




Flickr Fest Best: Nick in exsilio


Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 125

  Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 125



Crochet of the Day: Beyond the Square Motif 125


Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 125

Easter Eggs: How do you make yours? With Love!

Egg Warmers With Love


 Easter Eggs: How do you make yours?  With Love!



Is the last installment of my

Easter Egg Challenge...





  Egg Warmers With Love




I was tempted to go it alone again &

design my own egg warmers...

(honestly I was)




Egg Warmers With Love





but then I found

a really cute pattern

from the ladies over at




Egg Warmers With Love





It's super easy, and the result are





Egg Warmers With Love



 check out




Easter Eggs: How do you make yours? Fabric Tastic

   Easter Eggs - Fabric Tastic

 Easter Eggs: How do your make yours? Fabric Tastic




On Monday, I showcased some crocheted  

Easter Eggs

I had designed.



But they didn't really do it for me,


I dumped them sharpish.


(all four of them)





Amy Butler Love Range Fabric





This left me close to

breaking the promise

 I made with myself;

to make some Easter Eggs (in time for Easter).





Fabric Covered Easter Eggs




Of course, I could have ignored my promise,

just like

last year & the year before,







  Fabric covered Easter Eggs






Easter without eggs

is just wrong!





Fabric Strips




 So I had a think.

You can't beat thinking.





  Mod Podge






 Another thing you can't beat is

Mod Podge


If you know how to use it.




Fabric Covered Easter Egg




Word to the wise,

use thin layers.


Tempting as it is to slap it on all over the place,

you will spend your afternoon peeling it off your desk,

fingers, and out of your hair.



 Trust me on this one.




  Styrofoam Egg








this particular Easter Egg project

is very easy to make.





Fabric Covered Styrofoam egg






All you need is


Styrofoam eggs,

fabric cut into oval slivers (4 per egg)*


and some trimmings.





* You could also use fabric strips, but I wasn't very successful with strips.

Easter Eggs & Crochet Cotton





 For the trimmings,

I simply chained (crochet) some long strips

& glued them onto the fabric seams.


Easy az!




Easter Eggs - Fabric Tastic





To finish you can  

add hanging threads,


I chose to pop my eggs into my

birdnest bowl.



  Easter Eggs - Fabric Tastic


Happy Holidays!