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Posts in November 2011

Paper Art: Doves

Paper Art: Doves





Paper Art: Doves




"This is what it sounds like

when doves cry"






 (Doves love a good Show & Tell))





  Paper Art: Doves





Raiding your singles collection again?







I thought it might help  

the creative juices flow.



Has it?



Not as much as I had hoped.

It's hard to type & shake your booty.




 (I must get a smart phone)





  Paper Art: Doves






I see you have made some doves.


I have!


Aren't they great?



The project is from CrossStitcher (UK), the

 December 2010 issue.



It has loads of

quick sewing projects in it.








  Paper Art: Doves






So this is a quick & easy project?






This is a great project!


Sewing with paper is fun &

 the results are pretty cool too!



(yes, yes) 





  Paper Art: Doves






How many did you make?




Just the six.

Half in red thread, the other

in black.







Paper Art: Doves






They're quite snazzy for a cross stitch magazine,

aren't they?






Craft magazines

have improved tenfold over

the past few years.



Cross Stitcher (UK)

has tons of nifty little patterns

 to play with.




(yes, yes)




  Paper Art: Doves




Will we get to see some of these nifties in

the near future?




After the holidays...in the New Year.



Ahh that's right, you are winding things down.

 (until the New year)



Yes I am.

It's been a long year.


Here's to a fresh start

in 2012!




(with oodles of fun)




Paper Art: Doves






Here's to nifty projects & tutorials!



Always with the 'tutorials'...






Paper Art: Doves





 Have a wonderful day!




Bird (Small) (WinCE)



Paper Doves Tutorial





The Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts

The Newsprint Series by Sewing Daisies




The Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts










 To celebrate

the fact that we are going to spend the

holidays at home

(for once).




I decided to dip back into my

lovely  Danish Paper-Cut book





 (yes, yes)



The Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts




These don't look like they have been made

from paper.




That's because they are made from fabric.



The Newsprint fabric is from

Alice Kennedy's Poppy Lane range.


I used it in another project.






The Newsprint Series: Hearts




Remind me again...



Christmas Hearts with cross stitch on them?


They had the imaginative title

The Newsprint Series:




Ah yes, I remember now.




The Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts





Well, these hearts are

a little different.


They are woven hearts.


(yes, yes)



The Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts





They are quite rustic looking

aren't they?




If you mean traditional, you're not wrong.



Along with Christmas stars,

Danes are taught as children how to make

'flettede hjerter'

for Christmas.



There are loads of

different heart patterns available,

but I kept it simple.


The Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts






So braiding hearts isn't new

to you then?




but that doesn't make them any less  

fun to make.





if you choose the fabric versions

(instead of paper).



 (yes, yes)





The Newsprint Series: Danish Christmas Hearts



Before you mention tutorial,

I am nearly on board with the idea.

I just need to...


Here's to a wonderful day!




Bird (Small) (WinCE)


The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels

The Newsprint Series: Vintage Logo




The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels





Christmas Decorations


de Navidad!




This weeks installement of

The Newsprint Series

wil be nice & quick.


Vintage Angels!





The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






 It sounds like you have been reading

old copies of Australian Women's Weekly.



That's right!

I enjoyed using their old adverts

so much for my Vintage Candle project,

that I decided to make some decorations

to match.






The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels





I am guessing this project involves

paper, glue and scissors?





The Vintage Angel project is great.

It is so easy to do,


making it a perfect distraction for

little hands that are trying to 'feel-guess'

their presents.






The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






You have small hands don't you?


Maybe (yes)

So... I can't be trusted with presents,

but that doesn't mean they should be 

kept at the office....







The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






These Vintage Angels of yours, are they

your own design?



No, they came from a Danish book I bought

a few years back, called



Julepynt Med Saks og Papir

(Paper & Scissors - Christmas Decoratios) 





Julepynt by Olivia




Did you buy it on Amazon?


No, in Denmark, but I have had look on





and Amazon.de 

But they don't have it, which is a great shame

as it really is a lovely little book.






The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels






I guess there are ways of working

around that?



I was thinking I could make this

my new "little lengthy" challenge

& work my way through the book.


and post up a little tutorial for each?





They are  

really easy projects




So that's settled then.




  The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels





You will work through the book &

"endeavour to try and turn up for atleast one tutorial

per module, per term"...


I don't think we need to bring up my Uni report do you?!


But it's funny!





The Newsprint Series: Vintage Angels




Back to my ladies!  


More photos can be found  here!



Vintage Paper Angels Tutorial



The Newsprint Series: Placemats

Sewing Daisies: The Newsprint Series



The Newsprint Series: Placemats










A placemat is a protective tablepad

usually made of paper, plastic or cloth.




Restaurants, cafe's and homes.




Because they look cute!

Oh, I guess they also protect the dinner table from water marks,

food stains or heat damage.






The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Don't tell me,

you made placemats this weekend.



I did indeed.

They are part of my Newsprint Series.


(yes, yes)





The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Weren't you supposed to be thinking of a

new 'little lengthy' project?




One to replace 'Beyond the Square'?

Yeah I was,

but my will wasn't willing.




 I tried to think of a new project, huge

 chunks of my brain shut down.



After about 5 seconds,

I barely had enough juice running through me

to open my chocolate bar.






 The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Are you back on chocolate then?





I meant to be off it?!!





Ahh you are teasing me, nice one!





 The Newsprint Series: Placemats






Getting back to the placemats;

I like the gingham.




Me too!


The black & white gingham makes a great back drop for

the Newsprint hearts,

and the red stitching.



I am going to call them

"I will do anything for love"






 The Newsprint Series: Placemats







You know, when rock meets love (ballard).

Think Meatloaf.





The Newsprint Series: Placemats







...thinking about your new 'little lengthy' project.

It's hurting all of our heads.




Chocolate eat now.

Brain no work, tastebuds do.









The Newsprint Series: Placemats



 Have you considered writing up tutorials

for your craftlings?








You know, little step by steps

to help people along with their projects...





Another part of my brain is shutting down!






  The Newsprint Series: Placemats












I will put your suggestion on my blog

'improvements' list.



(when I start one)




The Newsprint Series: Placemats




I have some more thinking to do.



Have a fantastic week!




Bird (Small) (WinCE)


Beyond the Square ♥ Crochet Motif 86

  Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 86


Crochet of the Day: Beyond the Square Motif 86


Beyond the Square ♥ Motif 86