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Feather & Leaves: Getting ready for Easter

  Feather & Leaves: Getting ready for Easter






I don't know about you, but

I am totally obsessed with feathers & leaves.

I blame Pinterest.


The other day I actually put

a magpie feather that I found in the park in my hair,

AND collected leaves to decorate my bathroom.

I need to move away from this behaviour

quick smartish.





  Feather & Leaves: Getting ready for Easter





To help exorcise

all thoughts of feathers & leaves I will be doing

a project (or two) using these amazing coloured skeleton

leaves I bought last year.

I am going to make an Easter candle display.

 If I keep things simple I think I can do it.

Especially as we covered wiring on the wonderful

short course I did at Pearsons Florists.



Of course, only time will tell....





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