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Interweave: Rapunzel Scarf

Interweave: Rapunzel Scarf





 Interweave: Rapunzel Scarf

Special issue 2011


Kristen Hein Strohm


is a lovely braided scarf that I finished

the other weekend.


It's also my first attempt in a long time to follow

a written crochet pattern.


I chose this particular pattern because it was the shortest &

looked the easiest.


It was.





Interweave: Rapunzel Scarf






Of course,

I still managed to mess up from the get go.

This pattern requires you to crochet five fdc strands 

 (138 foundation double crochet) 



After the third strand,

I realised that my stands were a little on the short side.

I counted my fdc, recounted, & then again

for good measure.


There were definately 138 fdc of them (each).


Confused I went back to the pattern

(Crochet Acessories 2011 edition is available on Zinio)

to make sure the number was right.


It was.


However, there was also something about

the strands measuring 70" if the strands

weren't long enough.




I swear those extra instructions

weren't there before.







Interweave: Rapunzel Scarf






If you haven't

read any of my earlier crochet posts let me

quickly fill you in.


I taught myself to crochet from Japanese books

after failing miserably with 'written' crochet books

(aimed at children).


Four years on, I still don't know the names

for most of the basic stitches, and those I do,

well they are made up.


I thought I would give written patterns a crack this year,

because of all the cool crochet magazines

out there.


(like Interweave)






Interweave: Rapunzel Scarf








this pattern is incredibly simple.

I just struggled because I don't do words. 

I do symbols and pictures.


So I was very grateful for the few photos that were included,

especially for the braiding section.


Five strand braid, that's just crazy.


 To finish off the braid and join the two ends,

you do some sc with some lssc and ssc


(whatever they are).






Image from bioshock.wiki.com




Will I be continuing with my quest to crochet

from written patterns?


I like to think I that I will, but


I like having a snapshot of all the stitches

in my head before I start crocheting.


It's less stressful.



 p.s to bulk up my yarn, I doubled up

(Grignasco is on the light side).




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