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Knitting: Honey Cable Cowl

  Knitting: Honey Cable Cowl





The Honey Cable Cowl


is a gorgeous Baby Alpaca scarf

that has been patiently waiting for over

a month to be shown off.



What can I say, I have been busy

and oddly reluctant to pick up my camera,

including my iPhone camera.



I have no idea why,

but I pushed through it and here it is!





Knitting: Honey Cable Cowl





This pattern is sooo easy

and the results unbelieveable.



In fact, it was so simple

I found myself continually checking the pattern

to make sure I wasn't missing




But, no the Honey Cable Cowl

really is perfect for knitting newbies.





Knitting: Honey Cable Cowl





So where can you get your hands

on this pattern?



Morris & Sons  - my favourite yarn store in Sydney.

The pattern number is 44229.



I can't remember how much it cost,

but I remember thinking it was a bargain.



 I love a good bargain!





Knitting: Honey Cable Cowl





To follow the pattern,

you will need a pair of 7.00mm knitting needles,

a cable needle and 7 balls of Morris Maya 14ply (50g/50m).



And yes, you are correct,

I have used the Maya 14 ply before.

On my very first knitted scarf 



The Candy Striped Scarf







 Knitting: Honey Cable Cowl






Maya 14 ply is a scrummy yarn 

(you can use scrummy to describe yarn, right?).



Made from baby Alpaca,

this yarn is super soft and has a glorious drape

when knitted into a cowl.



It is so soft and gorgeous,

I don't think I will be able to wear any other yarn

around my neck this winter.



Lucky for me I bought extra Maya goodness in Cream and Bisque

(the colours I used in the Candy Striped Scarf).




 Knitting: Honey Cable Cowl





Morris Maya 14 Ply Baby Alpaca

retails for $11.00 and can be bought online,

but you will need to be quick, I think I am going stock up

on some more.


It's not long to Christmas don't you know...only kidding!


But seriously, I may just clear out their supplies,

so get in fast.