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Sewing Daisies in Print

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Sewing Daisies in Print continued...

Sewing Daisies in SEW Hip!



As you all know

Sewing Daisies

was recently in SEW Hip! Magazine.


For those of you who haven't see it yet


click here to read



SEW Hip! Sewing Daisies in Print...

    Sewing Daisies in SEW Hip! magazine


Sewing Daisies made it into SEW Hip! Magazine!



If you could see me right now,

you would be watching me do my

happy dance.




Sewing Daisies in SEW Hip! magazine




Joey from Friends with a dash of Michael Flatley

and you get the idea.




(of course I prefer to keep my shirt on).



Sewing Daisies in SEW Hip! magazine




 How cool is this?

It covers 2 pages!!!





Sewing Daisies in SEW Hip! magazine



I honestly believed that when the lovely


Alice Blackledge

 (SEW Hip! Editor)


contacted me in December, that

SEW Hip!

meant to do a little feature on my 2010 Challenge

and pop it onto their back page.




Sewing Daisies in SEW Hip! magazine



What a fantastic surprise,

Thank you



The feature looks amazing.

 (I'm dancing again)


Now, if only I can get the scanner thingie to work properly,

I can show off the full article.


  Sewing Daisies Bird


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