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Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way

 Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way




Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way



 is the last part of my Valentine triology, which means that

the day of flowers & chocs

(with any luck) is nearly upon us.



 This little project is another Quick & Easy one.


All you need is some Borax powder (detergent aisle of the supermarket)

A Kettle full of hot water

Jars ( clean/no lids)

Pipe cleaners shaped like hearts

Bamboo or lolly sticks



and 12 hours.

 Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way




 Crystal Fun!


I spotted this 'gem' of an idea over on Pinterest, & thought this

would be fun for me to do.



Oh come on!

Kids have Jungle Gyms & Roller Sneakers, they won't miss

this little project.



While I am at it,

I am also claiming back Space Hoppers & Hula Hoops

for us kidults.



They shall be used for fun, not exercise!







Valentine Hearts: The Borax Way





Maggie & Miranda over at

Club Chica Central

have been experimenting with Borax, & have produced

a great  How-To post.


But, before you all dive over to check it out,

let me just warn you that


a) this project is very addictive  


b)  the suggested  1/3 cup of Borax in a jar of boiling water

needs adjusting according to the size of your jar.




c) if after an hour it looks like nothing is happening,

gently stir up the bottom of your jar.

Have fun!



Quick & Easy: Hanging Valentine Hearts

Quick & Easy: Hanging Valentine Hearts






 Quick & Easy:

Hanging Valentine Hearts

is part two of this years

Valentine trilogy.





Quick & Easy: Hanging Valentine Hearts





Cut from light card, these

Jens Funder-Nielsen

hearts are gorgeous.



(ISBN: 9784262152677)



Quick & Easy: Hanging Valentine Hearts






With their straight lined innards, 

these hearts really boot Valentines Day

firmly into the 21st century.




 All you need is

a scalpel, light card, a needle, thread,

& a template.





  Quick & Easy: Hanging Valentine Hearts






Before the end of the day,

your window will be full of Valentine Hearts.

Who doesn't love hearts?!




Quick & Easy Valentine Flags

Quick & Easy Valentine Flags





Quick & Easy

Valentine Heart Flags


is a fun little way to entice Cupid into your home

this week.



Based on the cute little flags in

issue 225 of Cross Stitcher magazine (UK)

they are were very quick to make.



To keep my hearts neat & tidy

I used waste canvas over my felt.

It's so much quicker that way!



Two bamboo sticks, a lenght of Divine Twine and some glue later,

I had a lovely little flag banner for my cake.


Quick & Easy!



Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds




Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds

The perfect party pick-me up's.

 Love Birds by Jens Funder- Nielsen

(ISBN: 9784262152622)



  • Tissue paper
  • Paper Glue
  • Paper Cups
  • Pencil
  • Scisscors
  • Scalpel
  • Soft artists paint brush (optional)




Tutorial: Party Cusp - Love Birds







a.  Print out Love Birds template

b. Cut Love Bird template in half

c. Cut all sections of template

(starting with the inside of the heart)

d. Fold tissue paper accordian style, to fit the template

(approx 6cm wide).



N.B Two paper folds equals 2 full hearts.

More folds equals more hearts.





Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






 Step 1.

a. Place the template along the folded edges of the tissue paper.

b. Trace the template onto the tissue paper with a pencil.






Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






 Step 2.

a. Cut all of the section within template out.

b. Scissor cut the outer edge of template.



N.B If you draw more than one template on your tissue paper,

I recommend you cut the inner sections first, & then

cut the individual hearts outs.


*Tissue paper is fiddly especially in small sections.





Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






Step 3.

a. Gently unfold your hearts

b. Finger iron out any creases.




Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds






Step 4.

a. Apply glue to the front of your  paper cups

(the area where the template is going)


N.B Depending on your glue,

you might be able to glue a couple of cups in advance.






Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds




Step 5.


a. Place the center of your template over the glue.

b. Leave to dry.



N.B I found using a soft paint brush & working from the center out,

was the easist way to smooth the tissue paper down





Tutorial: Party Cups - Love Birds





Printing: Three Roses Red Tablemats

 Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats


Three Roses Red...

 is a little extra Valentine's project.





It's a screen printing piece.




That's right,

I finally broke into my  screen printing pack

by Louise Snook






Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats






Is that the one you bought last June?




That's it.

I tried  Louise's screen printing workshop

at the Craft & Quilt Fair, and loved it so much

 I bought one of her kits.







Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats







Nice. What have you made?





They were for Valentine's day,

but I forgot to post about it




These things happen.





Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats






How does screen printing compare to

block printing?




I haven't done much of either, but

screen printing is definately out in front

at this stage.





The finish is better.

Less pre-school.






 Picture 9408_2 (Medium)_PM






But isn't it more involved?




Not really,

especially if you use a ready made template. 


Simply print, scalpel, screen print.


In no time you have two new tablemats for

that extra Valentine's Day.





 Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats






That explains your stylized roses then.


Did you think they were my own design?


As if!


(you crack me up)






 Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats






I have just noticed that your roses match

your napkins.




 I made those too.

In fact,

I chose the fabric for my napkins first, & then

found a rose template to match.



(easy az)





 Printing: Three Roses Red - Mats





Napkins & tablemats - nice work!




Why thank you.


 Screen printing - the way forward!