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Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf

  Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf




The Eco Duo Cable Scarf

is the one I started last May (2013) in Morris & Sons

'Learn to Knit Cables Class'.


It's a lovely scarf,

I am not sure why I didn't finish it sooner.


Designed by Shannon Dunbandin


this scarf is really easy to whip up,

even for the likes of me.




 Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf





Yes, there is a teeny section

that didn't quite turn out right; I blame the actress Katey Sagal

When she whacked Cherry in the face with a skateboard in

'Sons of Anarchy',


I became her biggest fan.


Enter Katey, exit knitting concentration.

I am actually surprised I didn't make

more mistakes.




  Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf






somewhere along the way

I got distracted (again & by something else)

and put this scarf to one side.


But, I sucked it up the other week and finished it.


I am really pleased I did. It's fantastic!


It's thick, the cables are well defined, and

it's now a cowl.




 Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf







Because, it looks quite dated as a scarf.

I am no style icon, but I have no interest

in looking like Miss Marple...


unless it's Julia McKenzie, and in another 30 years time.


Now that this scarf  is out of the way 

I can finally move onto all of the other projects

I didn't quite finish last year.





  Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf


Procraftination: Pom Poms

  Procraftination: Pom Poms




Procraftination: Pom Poms



I am not sure how you shirk your craft projects,

  but I have started procraftinating.



You know, when you

  piffle about making little things

to avoid the craft projects you diligently placed into

Springpad 6 months ago.




Okay, It must just be me then.




Procraftination: Pom Poms






Anyway, to avoid the nagging voice

in my head,

(no, not sergeant major who yells about exercise,

but Martha the crafty one)


I have yet again procraftinated.


I have made Pom Poms.

Teeny Tiny ones.


(I used a baby fork)





 Procraftination: Pom Poms





It's surprisingly 'on trend' for me.

Maybe procraftinating isn't such a bad thing after all.



Afterall, I have

honed my 'Pom Pom' skills,

created a blogpost and quashed atleast one of the voices in my head.


I wonder how many sit ups it will take to quash

sergeant major'?!



 How do you avoid your projects?




Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl

 Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl






Yellow & Blue 

& has nothing to do with

my Zuni Bear?



If like me you are a visual person, & have

already scrolled through this post not

reading anything (again like me),

you will already know the answer is my

Yellow & Blue Yarn Bowl.


It's one of the three projects

I discovered half finished last week.


It's done now.


So I can finally allow myself to think

about NEW projects.




  Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl




You want to know

about the Bear, don't you?



Well, last night when I was planning

this little photo shoot, Bear came to me and said



"I am awesome,

I should be in at least one

of your photos"


Can't argue with that.


This Bear is pretty special,

he is a Zuni Fetish & was carved by Emery Eriacho.

 I picked up Bear in the Grand Canyon  a few years back,

 when the husband was busy  hanging off

the edge of a cliff.

(don't ask!)




  Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl





But back to the bowl.


It's a coil basket weave thing made from

plastic bags and yarn.


Pretty snazzy eh?


I had planned on making a larger fruit bowl,

but I REALLY want to get started on some other projects.

Afterall, it's not long until

Chrummertime is here again.


Christmas + Summer

= Chrummertime!



I live 'down under',

things work very differently around here.




Basket Weave: Yellow & Blue Bowl




So with one half finished project down,

I can now plan this year's Chrummertime

colour scheme.

Happy Skiing or Happy Sunburning!



I will see you in two weeks time,

I am off in search of snow.




What's Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue?

What's Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue?




 What's Orange, Green, Yellow

& Blue?



 Two half finished projects, is what!

So annoying.


Talk about putting a kibosh on my favourite activity -

starting new projects.



Starting new projects

when you already have two...


hold on...


 make that three sitting around,

isn't smart.


  What's Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue?





It's odd,

I am usually very good at finishing things

before starting new projects.


Or am I?

Arrrgh, I can't remember!

(my head hurts)



Other things I can't remember;

when or why I started the cross stitch project.

Apparently it's a Cross Stitcher

Valentine project, but my colours choices are wintry.


Weird, right?





What's Orange, Green, Yellow & Blue?




Anyway, no new projects for me

until I finish at least one of them.

I have nominated the yarn basket thing, 

it should be Quick & Easy.



The half finished scarf

can come with me to the snow, and 

the cross stitch... well, I don't know where exactly

that's going, but it's definitely

out of sight!



...I wonder if it was supposed to be a gift?




Knitting: Circular Knit Slouchy Beret

  Knitting: Circular Knit Slouchy Beret





Last weekend I popped along to

Morris & Sons (Sydney) to learn

how to circular knit.


Why  when you can barely knit?!

(I imagine you are all thinking)


Fair enough, that's exactly

what I was thinking 30 minutes into the class.


Actually, I think everyone in the group was too.

About themselves, not me...

I am not that bad at knitting!




Knitting: Circular Knit Slouchy Beret




The class was taught by the lovely Lyndell,

who did a marvelous job ignoring our grumblings about

using 10mm needles,

using 10 mm needles joined together,

& messing about with magic loops.


After about an hour we stopped complaining.

We learned loads!


 Including how to knit a folded hem.




Knitting: Circular Knit Slouchy Beret



The yarn I used is by  Morris & Sons.

It's a 20 ply monster called Fuel

(colour way Cargo).


I used two balls of the stuff (with some left over)

& it only took me another 1.5 hours

to finish my Slouchy Beret.


Which by the way DOES NOT suit me

no matter what jaunty angle I tease the thing into.


'Stubborn Slouchy' more like.


Still it's not bad for a first time

circular project.